Create a developer account at Apple

Create a developer account at Apple

Create a developer account at Apple 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy
To create an iOS app, an Apple Developer Account is required – this must be created at
Here you have to enter your own phone number. Due to the two-factor authentication (2FA), you will be called by the app department before the app is uploaded.
After authentication it is necessary to tell/send us the stored phone number, your account credentials and your business registration. This should be done by contacting our support (or integration) of SimplyDelivery.

Once you have done this, you can proceed at the point to set up the Developer account. Please first go to and sign in with your own Apple ID.

Please note: Apple emphasizes company-related email addresses, i.e. with endings like and you might have problems. So ideally you should use a mail address with @*your-company*.de.

If necessary, set up two-factor authentication (if not already done) –> Apple displays this and then guides you through the rest of the process.


Here please click on the red marked area.

–> Click here to continue:

–> Click on “ENROLL”.

The following settings must be made:

–> You can research your D-U-N-S-Number here:
When everything is filled in, the enrollment process (the request for you to be able to develop apps) will start. In the following, you may have to confirm your account by phone, or you may have to present an ID card. This varies with Apple.
Once your account is approved (this may take a few days), you will need to add us as an admin so that we can publish the apps to you.
To do this, please go to and there go to People.

–> Click here:

–> Please enter here:

In addition, please go to the App Store Connect.

There click on Users and Access Rights and add new user (please fill in the form as shown).

Now all the requirements should be in place for us to publish your app for you.

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