Table sales via QR Codes

Table sales via QR Codes

Table sales via QR Codes 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Once all rooms and tables have been created, you can print out the QR Codes for the tables by clicking on the blue button in the overview in the settings.

If the QR codes are scanned, customers can place orders for their table online. The prerequisite for this is that you use a SimplyDelivery webshop. The customer lands in the shop’s pickup mode. He can therefore enter his contact details directly when ordering. The room and table number are also transmitted. The booking is listed as a counter sale in the order overview. The addition “Inhouse” means that the order is always taxed with 19%, so that the tax is booked correctly as with regular table sales.

The advantage of this is that direct contact with the customer is no longer necessary to take the order. This leads to fewer errors when taking the order and less waiting time for the customer. Likewise, personnel costs can be saved or the personnel can be used more effectively.

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