Table Sales

Table Sales

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You can find out how to create tables for table sales in advance in your store settings.
After that you can start the regular table sale. Here you get an overview of all the tables that have been created and are still available.


You can then make your reservations as usual. If you do not want to pay for a table immediately, but want to park it in between, you can click on the ” Receipt parking ” button in the shopping cart. The table is then highlighted in red in the overview.




































If you then want to open the shopping cart again, you will see the following selection.

Here you can choose whether you want to move the parked table to another table, book a new order on the table or simply edit it.
We now come to the billing of a table. It is possible that the order has to be split up among several people.
You can do this by clicking on “Complete Order”. In addition to the listed products, you will also find a button called “Split Order”.
After you confirm the button, you can now select the items that the first customerwants to pay for.














Now you can settle it. After the bill has been initiated, you can decide whether you want to continue billing the table.


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