Staff Management

Staff Management

Staff Management 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

You can find out how to configure the settings for the central administration of personnel here.
You can then manage all employees’ logins via the POS interface.

Here you can choose the specific role in which the employee is to work. Moreover, you can set an employee’s shift start, break times, and shift end. You do this simply by pressing the Play, Pause and Stop buttons in the respective row for the employee you would like to edit.
If you have selected a role for an employee and pressed the green “Play” button, they will be logged on for their shift. Here you can either confirm the date and time for the shift start or change them as required.


If you wish, you are welcome to select an employee to handle the login of all other employees within the central staff administration. In this case, it makes sense to block the feature for changing the start of the shift for all other employees and only grant authorization to the shift leader, for example. You can find out how to configure the settings for this under Employee Privileges. If these have been enabled, the login looks like this:

This is similar to the end of a shift.
If no employee privileges are activated, the shift can be changed as required.

If employee privileges have been activated, you cannot see these fields, but instead only a restricted view.

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