Orders to pick up

Orders to pick up

Orders to pick up 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

In order to be able to assign counter orders and pick-ups to your employees correctly, you must first configure the corresponding settings in the admin section. As usual, you will find these in your store settings.


All orders that are ready to be picked up will be displayed in the checkout interface under “Orders to be picked up” after the relevant settings have been made. This also includes orders coming from the self-service terminal.

You will be notified by an audio signal as soon as a new order is received.
After clicking on the button for processing the orders, a window opens in which you can decide how to proceed with the order.











This means that you can print orders and pay for them, cancel them, change them or abort them. The purchase order is then posted to the employee who has logged on to the POS system beforehand. When an employee enters payment for a bill, all the orders that the employee has settled are listed.

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