Driver Terminal

Driver Terminal

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You can access the driver terminal in the same way as you would the cash register through

Please note that you must use an incognito tab if you open the driver terminal on the same computer as the cash register, otherwise this can lead to problems.
The driver terminal has two functions. On the one hand, it is a tool for your staff to record working hours, regardless of their function in the company. On the other hand, it is mainly intended that the drivers assign themselves ready tours, calculate the best route and have their driving times checked.

You can login to the terminal in one of two ways: by entering the staff ID or by scanning the staff barcode that can be issued from within the employee file. You can toggle the number field on or off. Once logged on, the employee selects the role in which they work. If the employee holds more than one position in the company, the system indicates this. Please Note: If an employee earns different amounts for different job positions, this can affect payroll.
The following video shows you how to login.

Tour Assignment
The open tours can be seen on the map after successful login, as well as in the list on the left side. The color-coded highlight indicates whether the delivery is still within the communicated delivery period or not. To select a tour, simply click on it in the list or scan the barcode on the kitchen receipt.
Several tours can be assigned to a single driver. If the suggested distances are set for the vehicles, the driver terminal may recommend that the vehicle be changed. By clicking on Route, you can plan the route of the selected tour. Click on Start Tour to begin the delivery. The driver is logged out and the overview shows when the driver is expected to return.

If you have activated the option for tour routes in your store settings, they also appear here in the terminal and can be assigned to the drivers.

Return from a tour after successful completion of the tour, the driver must report back. To do this, they must sign back in with their staff number or bar code. The tour is then marked as ended. In the driver’s report you get an overview of which tours the driver has returned from late and from which he was conspicuously early. Upon the driver’s return, they can change the payment method to another or make a partial payment if necessary.


The functions of the various button shortcuts are briefly explained below.


Click here to start a break, which will be noted in the payroll.

End of Shift

Click to end the employee’s shift. The billing then takes place.

Change Vehicle/Inventory

This allows the employee to change the vehicle or inventory. Only unassigned vehicles/inventory can be selected.

Tour Overview

This is where employees get an overview of their tours. By clicking on the “X” the tour is once again available. A different employee can then pick up the tour for themselves.


This button takes you back to the login screen.


Click on the End of Shift button to pay the driver or office worker. You will receive a short summary and a detailed driver statement will be printed out.

If you want to view a detailed evaluation again, you can find it on the dashboard of the POS under Staff. Simply click on the magnifying glass. If you need to adjust the employee’s working time, for example, because he or she has forgotten to log out for the break, you can do this under Accounting » Employee Payroll in the administrator area.

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