Emergency/Service Hotline

Emergency/Service Hotline

Emergency/Service Hotline
 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Information about our hotlines can be found on your dashboard under “Help and User Manual“

Service Hotline
If our phone support is included in your bundle, you are welcome to contact us by telephone.
If you have not ordered it, please send your inquiries in writing to support@simplydelivery.de .
If you are interested in adding telephone support to your bundle, we would request that you also contact us at this e-mail address.

Emergency Hotline
For emergencies outside normal business hours, our emergency hotline is available daily until 11:00 PM. This telephone number is reserved for emergencies, such as a system failure and the like! Calls to this emergency number are always billed at an hourly rate of 70 € net per quarter of an hour that has already started, unless the call is made due to an actual system emergency. Calls due to non-functioning printers, forgotten passwords, incorrectly configured employee or store settings, failed Internet or other hardware and software problems with your IT systems are not system emergencies and are always fully billed.

    Kontaktieren Sie uns: +49 3058844369




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