Delivery Times

Delivery Times

Delivery Times 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Here you have an overview of the expected and the actual delivery time.
The delivery time is defined as the time between the receipt of the order in the system and the handing over of the order to the customer. This is communicated to the customer when the order is confirmed through the online store, the app and the order e-mail, amongst other things. In addition, it may be conveyed to the delivery portals.
The real delivery time is calculated automatically, depending on whether or not the function is enabled in your system. It is calculated based on the preparation time of the last order and the travel time to the customer as calculated by Google. If there was no previous order, SimplyDelivery will use the minimum preparation time you specified in the  store settings  as the basis for the calculation.

The  expected delivery time  can be calculated either from the parameters defined in the store settings or from the system’s live data.
If you use the parameters from the  store settings, you can specify the delivery times in the tab “Change delivery time”.
You can do this by editing the number within the circle. This is particularly useful during peak times – e.g. at lunchtime (12:00-14:00) or dinner (17:00-19:00) – in order to convey a more realistic time to the customer. However, if you are unable to keep up with completing the orders in a timely manner, you may also choose to temporarily close the online store.
If the time is computed based on the live data, it cannot be changed on the dashboard. You can find the settings for this in the  cross-store settings in administration.
Percentage distribution of actual delivery time
The figure below shows the percentage distribution of the actual delivery time. This gives you an overview of the percentage distribution of delivery times throughout the day. The three-color traffic light system shows you how many orders were delivered in an acceptable time and how many took too long.
You are free to assign a color of your choice to the time periods. In the  Store Settings  area you can specify the parameters for the different time frames (for example: up to 30 min, up to 40 min etc.). These are criteria which are acceptable by your standards and do not represent desired delivery times.

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