Closing the Register

Closing the Register

Closing the Register 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

To be able to close the register, it is essential that all orders can be accounted for and the staff is paid. If you have not done this, the open purchase orders and the drivers that have not yet been paid are displayed when closing the register. By clicking on the corresponding icons, you will be informed about which bills are still outstanding and need to be settled.

After that, you only have to count the cash receipts from the in-house cash register and the driver, as well as check the EC transactions booked by the driver if you have not yet done so. Furthermore, you should specify how much money is to be deposited into the bank. This is used to calculate the initial cash balance for the next day. Once all the figures are correct, you can close the register. It is then permanently recorded and cannot be modified afterwards.

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