Bonus system

Bonus system

Bonus system 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Through the bonus system, customers can receive bonus points with which they can reduce the amount to be paid for future orders.

Here you can activate the bonus system itself and make basic settings, which should be done BEFORE creating the bonus point rules.
A first activation is necessary before bonus points can be received anywhere. It should be noted that the settings “Monetary equivalent of a bonus point”, “Type of use of bonus points” and “Payment type category for bonus points” can not be edited by you later and should therefore be well considered. Also the basic activation cannot be deactivated afterwards (at least as long as one of the customers still has points). Alternatively, however, all stores can be deactivated here for the bonus system. In addition (!!!), however, with the same option or the “Activation/Deactivation switch” for all created bonus point rules, these must also be deactivated (for the corresponding stores). Points can then no longer be obtained, but still redeemed by customers. In combination with the settings “Validity period of a bonus point in days” and “Validity period of the voucher code in days”, all bonus points and bonus point voucher codes will then soon expire.

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