Bonus points

Bonus points

Bonus points 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Here, bonus point rules can be created and thus more specific settings for receiving bonus points can be made.

Via the green button “ADD RULE” or the “pencil icon” button at a bonus point rule list entry you get to the editing overview – a small additional one opens in the tool.
Via the “closed lock icon” button or the “open lock icon” button you can quickly deactivate or activate a rule.
The red “trash can icon” button can be used to delete a rule.

The editing overview of a bonus point rule looks like this:

Rule name: You can specify a name for each rule-but this is for internal order only and is not viewable anywhere by customers.
Stores: If a rule is not active for any store, this is equivalent to deactivating the rule at the bottom via the “Activate or Deactivate” button or via the lock icon in the list view. If you want to deactivate the bonus system completely, it is important not only to deactivate it in the category “Incentives” –> at the category subitem “Bonus system” for all stores, but also to deactivate all rules in general or for all stores. However, points already received and thus still owned can still be redeemed by customers.
Application: A. If two rules are created for the same items or merchandise groups, which also work simultaneously in terms of time period and store, only one will work and the one that gives fewer points will simply be ignored. B. If, however, a rule is created for articles and/or groups of articles, which also work from the period and from the store at the same time as another rule for the shopping cart, these both work – thus additively.
Value: A. In the case of a rule for articles or merchandise categories, you specify how many points there are per article/merchandise category. B. In the case of a shopping cart value rule, the value of the shopping cart from which one point is awarded.
Validity (period) and Validity (day): A. These options can also be used in relation to special promotions or the like. If such are regular and/or if this regularity is interrupted unexpectedly, the time specifications must be adapted possibly (regularly) and/or the rule deactivated temporarily. B. At “Validity (period) you can click on the “Calendar icon” buttons or the “Clock icon” buttons to open small windows for easier selection of the corresponding period.

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