Vehicles 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Use this area to add vehicles to your store. These are displayed in the driver terminal to the employees, who can then choose from them.
First you have to enter the name of the vehicle. If there are several vehicles, it makes sense to choose the license plate as the name or to number the vehicles sequentially, as this makes it easier to determine which vehicles were in use when you are working on the invoices. Then select the vehicle model and fuel type. You can add additional information about the extra equipment (e.g. GPS), specify the license plate number and also assign an identification number. This is important when displaying the information in the driver terminal. You should also specify the required driver’s license class for the vehicle.
Vehicle log
In the overview of all vehicles you will now find not only the familiar buttons for viewing, editing, deactivating and deleting your saved vehicles, but also the log function Here you can see for each and every vehicle which employee used it when and for how long. This requires all employees to correctly assign the vehicles in the driver terminal.

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