Taxes and deposits

Taxes and deposits

Taxes and deposits
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You will find all tax-relevant options in the settings of your store.
The system already contains various tax rates:
These are as follows:
Standard: 19% in Germany, 8% in Switzerland
Reduced: 7% in Germany, 2.5% in Switzerland
Without tax (relevant for gift card sales): 0%
For all items, except for products that have a standard tax (19%) on delivery, you should set a reduced tax rate. The system automatically selects the correct output channels for the correct tax rate.
You need to configure the following settings:
Default tax:
This should always be set to default or normal. This is used when the value-added tax is automatically converted for sales outside of the store.
Default portal tax:
If an item is not known in the portal, that is, no matches have been made so far, this tax is used for calculation. Please note that we always work with the gross amounts we receive from the portals, which means that if you choose a reduced tax rate, the tax for beverages may be too low.
Standard tax for other services:
Here you set the tax for e.g. delivery fee or surcharge for small quantities. As a general rule, the standard tax makes the most sense.
Sales tax for tips:
By activating it, the tip is calculated with sales tax. The payment of VAT on tips is primarily mandatory if the tips are not paid in cash (e.g. online or EC payments), as there is no direct business relationship between employees and customers.
Use standard tax for in-house sales:
If this is activated, the default setting is automatically used for all items, regardless of the item configuration. This is a legal requirement.
In-house sales at the counter:
With this option you can choose how to tax counter sales. If the “Ask operator” option is activated, the cashier can choose between on-site or carryout. The other two options automatically set the tax to 7% (carrryout) or 19% (In-House)

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