Driver terminal

Driver terminal

Driver terminal
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Leave map after the route has been calculated: When activated, 
automatically logoff the employees at the driver terminal: Time in seconds until an employee who is logged in is automatically logged off from the driver terminal. With the value “0”, automatic logout is deactivated.
Employees can change working hours on their own at the driver terminal and at the POS.: An employee can correct their working time independently. In combination with the setting below, this is then possible for all employees. User privileges can be granted.
Employees can be logged in to the POS system by other employees: A list of all employees who can be logged on and off by the current employee is displayed at the POS terminal. In combination with the above setting, their working times can also be modified. User privileges can be granted.
Distance and time between two deliveries before recommending that they be combined to form a tour block: Distance in kilometers and time in minutes. The geographical distance (linear distance) is calculated, not the road distance!
Order 1, order 2, the orders are separated by a certain distance. You enter the maximum distance in km to be able to combine such orders into a block (e.g. both orders are at a distance of 5 km). If two orders are within a certain radius but at different times (1st order at 12:00 PM, 2nd order at 2:00 PM, but both in one street), you define in this column the time between the orders so that they can be combined in one tour. If the line remains at 0, the orders are not combined but displayed as individual tours.
Example situation:
Order 1 for 12 PM, order 2 for 2 PM and they are 2 km apart.
If the distance specified is a smaller value, 1.9 km for example, the orders are not combined because they are too far apart.
If a value greater than or equal to 2 km is stored as the distance, the system checks whether the orders can be dispatched at the same time. For “immediate” orders, the delivery time displayed at order completion is evaluated as the reference time, for pre-orders the selected pre-order time of the customer. If a specified value is less than two hours, the orders are not combined because they are too far apart in time.
If order 1 for order 2 is 1.6 km apart and order 2 for order 3 is 1.7 km apart, but order 1 for order 3 is 2.5 km, all three orders are combined into one block, although order 1 for order 3 is more than the 2 km apart.
Select vehicle: If activated, a vehicle must be selected in the driver terminal when the driver logs on.
Driver money: Determines how much money a driver gets at the beginning of the shift.
Max. Driver Change: Sets the maximum amount of change a driver can have with them. When a driver reaches this amount, they must first hand in the money before they can start the next tour.

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