Cash ledger and financial statements

Cash ledger and financial statements

Cash ledger and financial statements
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In this subitem you can make all relevant settings for the cash ledger and financial statements.
All means of payment in the cash ledger: Either all means of payment are transferred to the cash journal or only the cash payments. When all means of payment are transferred, the non-cash items are automatically posted as a deduction.
Display detailed means of payment in the closing statement: If activated, all means of payment are listed separately, otherwise only cash and non-cash are distinguished.
Strict closing statement: If activated, all tours must be assigned and all drivers must be billed in order to be able to complete them.
All employees must be logged off: Appears only when strict cash closing is activated. If activated, the employees must be logged off both at the POS and in the driver terminal in order to be able to close the system.
Detailed number type display according to outgoing channel: If activated, the payment types are separated according to the outgoing order channel on the POS closing. Here you can choose between different display variations.
FIBU account of the fund, FIBU bank account, Revenue account for the normal tax rate, Revenue account of the reduced rate of tax: Here you can store the most suitable accounts for your internal accounting.
Prefix & suffix for invoice numbers: Allowed placeholders are: %y% = double-digit year, %Y% = four-digit year, %m% = double-digit month, %z% = day of year.
Instructions for the formatting of invoice numbers:
1. Do not use any special characters, such as umlauts. Especially if you want to print barcodes on the invoice receipt to be able to use the scanner on the driver terminal, you cannot enter umlauts.
2. Changing prefixes and suffixes leads to a change in the sequential invoice numbers. If necessary, consult your tax accountant before doing so.
Resetting of the invoice number: Here you can choose between the different ways of resetting invoice numbers. If the invoice number is reset at closing, the time of closing is irrelevant. However, the closing should really be performed at the end of the day.
DATEV client number: Your tax consultant will provide you with the DATEV client number.
DATEV consultant number: The DATEV consultant number is the DATEV ID of your tax consultant and you will receive it from him.
DATEV G/L account number length: The DATEV G/L account number length is the G/L or person account number. The length of the personal account may only be 1 character longer than the defined G/L account number length.

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