Payment methods

Payment methods

Payment methods
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Our POS system allows you to choose from a wide range of standard payment methods. If a crucial payment method is missing, you can find out in advance whether it is possible to integrate an additional payment method into our system or not.
Furthermore, for almost every payment method you can choose whether it should be available for your drivers on their terminals and in the order overview for changing the payment method.
 In order to use PayPal in your online shop, you first need a business account with PayPal. You can easily register for this by going to If you already have one, you can of course continue to use it.
In the following video you will see step by step how to configure the necessary settings in PayPal and in our software.
 If you have set up your customer account using Sofort/Klarna, you can integrate the listed information into our system. We recommend setting up with HTTP-POST Success. The advantage of this is that the cancellation rate of orders for payments via Sofort/Klarna is reduced significantly. Only when the customer is redirected back to the online shop after payment will your POS system then receive the customer’s order. The payment method is set up as follows:1. Select project under “My projects”.
 2. Enter the customer number and project ID in the store settings.
 Information about the customer ID and project ID can be found in your Sofort/Klarna account. Then continue with the setup in the “Advanced settings” tab.
3. Under “Notifications” enter the settings for HTTP-POST Success.
The data to be entered can also be found in the payment method area within the store settings. You must set the notifications to active, enter the URL from our system and select POST as the method.
The URL that must be entered is the following:

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