E-Mail templates

E-Mail templates

E-Mail templates
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Generally, the system sends standard e-mails. In the configuration of the e-mail templates we give you the option of customizing the e-mails that are automatically sent to the customer.
There are the following types:

  • Forgot password
  • Registration for customer login
  • Order confirmation
  • Daily closing report
  • Newsletter subscription (double opt-in)
  • Complaint coupons
  • Change e-mail address for customer login

To customize a template, click on the button “Add template”. Then select the type from the dropdown list. If you click on “Default Template”, the source code for the default template is loaded. You can then customize this. To customize it, you should be familiar with HTML. Give the template a name and, if necessary, a description. In the “Subject” field, enter the subject that appears for your customers in the e-mail overview. Short codes are located in the footer of the editor. These can be copied into the template and automatically generate the name of the customer in the e-mail, for example. Once you are finished with the editing, click on the Save button. Your e-mail template will then appear in the list.


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