Public order status

Public order status

Public order status
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With the public order status you can automatically inform your customers about the status of their order via the online shop or the app.
There are a total of 6 order status messages that you can activate. These are as follows:
Order received – order was received by the system
Sent to the store – the order has been forwarded to the store
Preparation begins – here you can enter a value for the order after it automatically jumps to this status.
Preparation complete/ready for pickup – this value is also calculated from the actual preparation time
is delivered – the order has been handed over by the driver who has reported back to the store
The order status is displayed on a separate page in the online shop. This page is created temporarily for each order and disappears after delivery of the order. It’ s possible to design the order confirmation page yourself. Please send us the images. If you do not upload any images, our default view, as shown above, will be displayed.
Important: To display the order status for end customers, the basic URL for the order status must be entered in the tab “Other settings“. This works as shown below: for example,

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