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Working time preferences
Display working times in decimal format: If enabled, the working time is displayed as a decimal value in all evaluations. This means that a working time of 3h 45min is shown as 3.75h. If it is not displayed as a decimal number, the working time is listed as 3.45 hours.
Period that is reported as night shifts: You can specify the time period that is to be reported as a night shift.
Call center & POS settings
Naming the delivery fee: If you want a particular name for the delivery fee, you can specify it here. The standard is set to “delivery fee”.
URL for delivery fee explanation: If you want to provide an explanation of your delivery fee, e.g. why it is higher in some areas or why it is charged in the first place, you can insert a link here to your online shop and the customer can then view this information.
Use polygons as delivery areas: This option should be enabled by default to make the best use of address search via Google when registering new customers. If this is deactivated, a separate address list must be imported and managed.
Display customer number (for example, purchase order overview): If this is enabled, the customer number is displayed in the order overview.
Show statistics summary for tours in the POS: If activated, brief statistical summary is displayed on the driver terminal for each driver. This helps the drivers, for example, to keep an eye on their route averages and can be helpful to increase their productivity.
Calculating delivery time based on live data: The delivery time is not only calculated purely from the store settings, but also from the current data of the tours being driven. The times are then calculated as follows: Average delivery time of the store + current time to the invoice date of the oldest unassigned order. If this option is enabled, delivery times cannot be altered on the dashboard.
Prohibit returning of tours in the driver monitor: If activated, a tour that has already been assigned cannot be returned to the system.
Reject purchase orders from blocked customers or customers with outstanding invoices: If activated, blocked customers are automatically rejected by the system. Customers with unpaid orders may only pay in advance online or in cash, but not with an EC card.
Allow the transfer of orders to any store: If activated, orders can be transferred to any store. However, a prerequisite for this is that all items in the order must also be available in the receiving store..
Use your own address list for automatic address completion: If you have deactivated the polygon search, this option must be activated so that your own address list can be utilized for filling in the address information.
Coupon settings
Length of codes for credit-based certificates: Here you determine how long the codes for gift certificate sales are, e.g. eight digits (Aklkrfe48)
Prefix for credit-based certificates: Here you can define a prefix to distinguish the balances in the bookkeeping from the gift certificates, for example, GTH-Aklkrfe48
Enable VIP coupons: If activated, a VIP coupon can be generated in the coupon settings. This must then be activated in the online shop in the customer account directly by the customer. Afterwards, it is automatically taken into account with every order.
Description of the VIP coupon: Here you can enter an alternative name for the VIP coupon. The default is the VIP coupon.
Master data settings for items, inventory management and accounting
Show nutritional values: If enabled, the nutritional values are displayed for all items.
Indicate nutritional values for the item: If activated, the nutritional values, additives and allergens are maintained directly within the item. The values are then added up for all recipes. If disabled, the information is displayed at the top recipe of that item. If an item does not have a recipe, the nutritional values are always entered for the item.
Where should “Edit item” be displayed: Here you can choose whether you want to allow the customer the option to edit their order. If you would like this, you can select here at which position in the online shop this option should be offered.
Message displayed for “Edit item”: The default name of the option is “Edit item”. If you want to enter an alternative name for this option, you can do so here. This could be “Please edit all items”, for example.
Descriptive text for “Editing items”: To explain in more detail what this option means, you can enter a descriptive text here.
Always show this text if an item expires: If this option is enabled, a default text is displayed as soon as an item expires. You can enter the description in the following text field.
Notification text for the item that is displayed should it have expired: Text field for entering the text if an article has expired.
Which rounding rule is to be used: This is where you specify that the price of the items should be reasonably rounded when the gross prices are entered. We recommend the default setting and the centime setting for customers from Switzerland.
Display cost of sales: If activated, the percentage cost of sales of an item is displayed in every possible position.
Store settings
Address search fields: In this section you can choose between different options as to which fields should be relevant when entering addresses in the online shop.
Checking the opening hours:
Here you can determine when the opening hours are to be requested in the online shop.
There are 3 options to choose from:
1. At the start: The order time is requested at the beginning of the order. There is no request for validity for pre-orders spanning several days.
2. At the beginning (with forced selection): The system asks for the order time at the very beginning of the order. Both for pickup and delivery orders, a selection must be made regarding the order time. Validity of the articles is taken into consideration across several days. For example, the customer can pre-order a lunch menu for the next day in the evening.
3. At the end: The order time is requested at the end of the order. There is no request for validity for pre-orders spanning several days.
Online shop/app
Deactivate customer login in the webshop/app: Here you can specify if your customers are able to set up a customer account in the webshop.
Standard user group for online shop/app customers: This setting is made by SimplyDelivery.
Customers must confirm their newsletter subscription by using the double opt-in process: If this option is activated, the customer must agree to the newsletter subscription twice, i.e. the customer activates the newsletter subscription in the customer account and then receives an e-mail in which he must confirm the subscription once more by clicking on a link.
URL for customer verification (online shop): This configuration is handled by SimplyDelivery.
Customer URL for newsletter verification (online shop): This configuration is handled by SimplyDelivery.
URL for using a coupon code (online shop): This configuration is handled by SimplyDelivery.
URL for order status (online shop): This configuration is handled by SimplyDelivery.
URL for using a coupon code (online shop): This configuration is handled by SimplyDelivery.
Alert for the sale of alcohol: If activated, a message will appear when alcoholic beverages are purchased, which you may enter in the following field. It is important that the “contains alcohol” option is activated in the master data of the item.
Question for sale of alcohol: Text field for providing a message when alcoholic beverages are purchased.
Description for minimum quantity surcharge: Here you can enter an alternative term for the minimum quantity surcharge.
Allow tips: If activated, the customer is provided with a field in the online shop in which the amount of the tip can be specified in advance when placing the order.
Tip description: Here you can choose an alternative name for tipping.
Fixed tip amount: Instead of a freely chosen amount, a fixed tip amount can be specified here. If the field remains empty, the customer can decide how much they want to tip.
URL for the promotions page on the app: If a link is added here, the customer can open it within the app and find out about the various promotions of your stores.

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