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Simplydelivery offers an interface to Sendgrid for sending marketing emails, via which customer data can be constantly synchronised and kept up to date. This ensures that your newsletters reach all possible recipients.
Prerequisite for the use of the interface is a set up Sendgrid account, which is associated with additional costs. All information about these costs and the setup of the account can be found on the Sendgrid website –
The connection between Sendgrid and Simplydelivery is done in 4 steps:

  • Connection setup
  • Configure the connection
  • Configure the synchronization of customer data
  • First synchronization of customer data


1. Setting up the connection

First you log into your Sendgrid account.
As a starting point for sending the newsletter, we first create a list, which will later contain all recipients of the emails. (This step can be omitted if you have already imported customer data into your Sendgrid account and would like to continue using this recipient list).
 To do this, select “Marketing” from the navigation bar on the left and its sub-item “Contacts”.

The still empty overview of all recipient lists opens. Press up right on the blue button “Add Contacts” and select its option “Manual Add“.

Select the third dot above to enter the recipients in a new list. Give this list a meaningful name, e.g. “Marketing Newsletter Simplydelivery”. 
Since the list cannot be saved empty, we have to add at least one recipient now. Simply use your own name and email address. In this way you will also receive all newsletters directly in the future.
Enter your first and last name and the email address below in the corresponding fields under “Contact Info”. Then click top right on the button “Save Contact”.

Now we will create the API key that provides the connection to SimplyDelivery. To do this, select “Settings” from the navigation bar on the left and its submenu “API Keys”.

The dialog for creating API keys opens. Up right you will find a blue button “Create API Key” which you press.

Now give the API key a unique name, e.g. “Simplydelivery Marketing” and select the option “Restricted Access”. This will create an API key with restricted rights. The API-Key only needs certain permissions and you should not grant it more for security and privacy reasons.

The necessary permissions are set in the lower part of this dialog. Click on the point on the far right of the blue line in the options shown in the picture to activate full authorization. The required options are:

  • Event Notification
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Supressions
  • Tracking

Then save this setting. The API key is generated and displayed.

Please copy this key and save it elsewhere if necessary.

Once you have closed the display, the key can no longer be displayed for security reasons and must be recreated.

2. Configure the connection

Now open the Admin interface of Simplydelivery. In the navigation on the left, select “Store” and its sub-item “Store spanning settings”.

The cross-store settings open and you select the green tab “E-Mail Accounts” at the top. Click on the button “Create new mail account” at the bottom left.

The mask for creating a mail account opens. Give the account a meaningful name, e.g. “Sendgrid Marketing” and select the option on the right that it is a marketing account (and not a system account).
Enter below the email sender address that should be displayed when your customers receive the newsletter, e.g. “”. Next to it, enter the Sender name that will be displayed to the recipients, e.g. “My restaurant Newsletter”.
The last step is to enter the API key you created in Sendgrid in the “Api-Key” field. Now click on “Save” below and the connection to Sendgrid will be established.

3. configuring the synchronization of the customer data

In the tab “Email-Accounts” now your new account is registered. To select the data to be synchronized, select right the “Edit” button with the pen icon.
 The upper part corresponds to the mask in which you have just stored the Api-Key. Below you can see the information SimplyDelivery has already extracted from your Sendgrid account.
First select Up left the previously created Recipient list to which all customer data should be transferred.

(If you don’t see the list, the connection to Sendgrid probably couldn’t be established and you should check the previous steps).

below select the so-called suppression list. All customers who have unsubscribed from the newsletter will be saved there. If your Sendgrid account does not yet have a suppression list, a new list is automatically generated.

On right side you will find all fields that can be transferred to Sendgrid. Each recipient must have a first and last name, and a email address. All other data can be added at will.
If you have just selected a old recipient list on the left side , which already contained customer data, you can now compare the data from Simplydelivery with these fields. You will find the Simply data on the left page under “Customer data” and the data fields on Sendgrid next to it. For example, select the “Postcode” field and then search for the corresponding field of your old Sendgrid list in the dropdown.

If you have selected a new or empty recipient list, simply check all data you want to synchronize and select “new field” in the dropdown under “Field at mail provider”. The required fields will then be created automatically in Sendgrid.

 In the same way right the data of the corresponding store can also be transferred. This can be useful, for example, if you only want to send an email to customers of a specific store.
When you have selected or assigned all fields, press the button “Save” below.

4. First synchronization of the customer data

The last step is the initial synchronization of the data. The fields of your customer data are transferred to Sendgrid according to the settings just made.
In the tab “Email accounts” select in the line of the marketing account right the button“Synchronize” with the double arrow icon.
The upper area of the window contains information about the connection with Sendgrid or about previous synchronizations. Below, select the Options to transmit the data.
If you are using several suppression lists in your (already existing) Sendgrid account, you can select them here >select and thus also store the unsubscription from the newsletter in SimplyDelivery for the corresponding customers of all lists.
 Please note that customers who are unsubscribed from the newsletter later in SimplyDelivery will only be written back to the previously selected “Main” suppression list at Sendgrid.

On the right page, select the information to be transmitted during first synchronization.
If you select “Synchronize Suppression Lists”, all unsubscriptions will be retrieved from the Sendgrid lists just selected on the left and the data in SimplyDelivery will be updated accordingly. This means that all customers who are marked in Sendgrid as “do not want to receive newsletters” will also be listed in SimplyDelivery.
 We strongly recommend this selection in order to avoid dissatisfaction and (legal) disputes with customers.

Select the third option “Synchronize customer data” all customers marked as newsletter recipients in SimplyDelivery will be transferred to Sendgrid (after the suppression lists have been synchronized). The fields selected in the synchronization configuration are also transferred.
The middle option “Allow newsletter for all other customers…” can also be selected and would also transmit all customers who have not explicitly unsubscribed but for whom no subscription is visible. This serves the complete alignment of the data, but should be used with caution, as the existing customer data may have been collected not in compliance with data protection and may not be used to send newsletters.
Once you have made all the desired selections, press below on the button “Start synchronization”.
Please note that First synchronization may take some hours depending on the amount of customer data. All other new customer data will be automatically synchronized with Sendgrid or logouts will be synchronized with Simplydelivery.

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