Delivery Areas

Delivery Areas

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The delivery area statistics should help you to better estimate the profitability of your delivery areas. In the first step, select as long of a time period as possible. The more data we use, the more accurate the result. You should then be able to view the following table with your delivery areas.
In the first column you can change the minimum order value and the delivery fee. By default, the data that you have assigned for the delivery areas is saved. If you change these two values, you can have an influence on the sales volume.
The columns show you in detail just how many purchase orders and the sales volume you had during the time period in the respective delivery area. You can see how high the share of total sales is and how much the average order receipt is. The variance indicates the mean deviation from the average receipt. The greater the variance, the greater the difference between the order values of the receipts.
With the average delivery time you can see at a glance how long the drivers usually need to deliver an order. The actual value shows how long the drivers took, the expected value is the time calculated by Google Maps. This is accompanied by the indication of possible routes. This will give you a good overview of whether the delivery area may be too far away from your store and you would have to charge a delivery fee or set a higher minimum order value for the delivery to be profitable in that area.
The Productivity column sums this up once again. The closer the value is to 1, the more productive / profitable the delivery area.

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