Daily closing report

Daily closing report

Daily closing report
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The daily closing report summarizes the most important data of the day. It is created automatically after the closing of the cash register and sent to you by e-mail. You can also view the various reports here. In the tab “Overview” you can see the different financial statements of the day. In addition, the system usually displays how many orders were in the desired, accepted and unacceptable range. The tab “Sales & Operations” shows you the most important data of the day in a table. You can also display this data in more detail for specific time intervals. You define the time intervals in the “Statistics” tab in the cross-store settings. Cancellations shows you the individual cancellations and the tab “Employees” gives you information about how long which employees have worked. The tab “Customers” shows you the new and existing customers. To view the checkout processes, click on the tab “Checkout”. “Inventory” gives you information on stock movements etc. and the tab “Cost of sales” helps you to keep track of your cost of sales. In the tab ” Coupons” you will find an overview of the redeemed coupons.

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