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Entering Customer Information
Delivery orders are placed either by searching for the customer using the search field or by creating a new customer.
In the input field you can choose between pickup and delivery and pre-order. In the following video you will learn how this works.

Create New Customer Profile
You can easily add customers. Fill in the fields and enter a valid address. Our address search accesses data from Google Maps. It is recommended that you first enter the zip code, then the street and finally the house number. This short video shows you how this works.


Editing Addresses
If the location or address entered is not correct, you can add it manually and even correct it on Google Maps. This assignment is then saved in the system. In the following video you will learn how this works.

Entering Orders for Pickup
If the customer is already registered in the system, you can search for their name and place the order for them. If the customer is not yet registered in the system, you can enter their data, including the customer’s address. You can do this by setting up a new customer. In the system you can choose between pickup and delivery.







You can specify whether the customer wishes to place a pre-order. After activation, a corresponding dialog opens in which you can set the day and time. If a customer decides to convert their order to a pre-order only at the end of the order process, simply click on the tab for Customer Information and specify there that it is a pre-order. The shopping cart is saved.



Multiple Addresses for Delivery
If the customer has already ordered from you but wants to use a different delivery address for the current order, this is not a problem. Simply add a new address. Incidentally, if you add this address, it can also be managed by the customer within their own account.

Fast Pickup
If you do not want to save the information about your customer in the customer database or if you are in a hurry, then select the Fast Pickup option. With this option, you only need to enter the name of the customer in the system.

Entering Orders
The items can be entered intuitively through the graphical user interface. You can search for items by entering the name or item number. Or you can filter by product group to get a better overview of the individual items in a particular product group. It is also possible to select an item directly. Depending on whether toppings (ingredients) are selected for the item, either the item configuration opens or the item is placed directly in the shopping cart. You can also remove ingredients from an item by selecting it in the product configuration.


Item notes, post-edit items, increase number of items
If you have placed a product in the shopping cart, you can change the settings from there. The various icons are explained below.

Product Information: This is where you can see information regarding the nutrients, additives and allergens, as well as an item description if one is available.

Item Note: If the customer has specific instructions for an item they ordered, e.g. “extra crisp”, you can enter a note about that here. These will then appear directly below the item on the kitchen ticket.

Edit Item: This option opens the configuration menu for this item.

Add Item to Box: Clicking opens a menu in which allows you to choose in which box the item should be packed.

Minimize number of items: Deletes an item from the shopping cart.

Increase number of items: Increases the quantity of an item.
You can access the coupon dialog by clicking on the Coupons field. There you can enter a coupon or discount code for the customer or select a coupon from the list.


Complaint Coupons (CRM)
If something went wrong with an order, it is a good idea to give your customers a small consolation. The software provides you with an easy way to do this.
The first step is to create the desired discounts. If you are part of a franchise system, the franchisor usually does so. Information on how to create these discounts can be found in the Coupons section.
There are two ways to give customers discounts at checkout. The first way is to use both of the customer searches:  There you will find the orange complaint button. After selecting the appropriate coupon, the discount is credited to the customer and can be redeemed with the next order. If the customer has already provided an e-mail address, the coupon can be sent directly from there to their e-mail address. For customers who have received such a discount, the coupon button will blink at checkout.
Another way to give a customer a discount coupon is to do so directly through the customer. Go to the customer list and search for the customer. Click on the “Edit” button to access the customer file. Here, you have an overview of which discounts the customer has already received. You can also issue a new discount.

Edit Items
There are two ways of activating the Edit Item option in the main store settings (only accessible to administrators). Depending on the activation, the option can be selected directly on the item or at the end of the order.

With the use of boxes you have the opportunity to structure an order e.g. by name. That makes sense especially when larger groups are placing orders. On the invoice, the products are then displayed in separate boxes (must be stored in the print template). You can enable the use of boxes in the Settings section of your store.

Return of Bottle Deposits
If the option Deposit Types  (only accessible as administrator) includes relevant types of deposits, these are displayed by clicking on the checkbox below. The deposit price will then be deducted from the order and offset accordingly.


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