Order Overview

Order Overview

Order Overview 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

In the order overview you will find all orders regardless of the order channel through which they were placed in the system. The structure is explained below.

Filter Options

In addition to the filters explained above, you also have other options for sorting by orders. Of course, all filters can be used in combination.
All Orders: Lists all orders in the selected time range.
Pre-Orders: Lists all pre-orders in the selected time range.
My orders:  Displays the orders placed by a  user (relevant when using the call center module).
Urgent  Orders: Lists the orders that exceed the  specified delivery  time.
To Edit:  Displays the orders (usually portal orders) that  must be processed once.



This filter allows you to sort by incoming order channels.

This filter allows you to sort by the various types of orders .
















This filter allows you to sort by the different payment methods .














With this option you can filter the list according to the status of the orders.
This filter helps you to narrow down the time frame of the order. Generally, orders can be shown over a period of 7 days.
In the following, the various operating controls are explained when processing an order.

Edit customer data, view order and change payment method
Click on this button to access a menu that allows you to edit customer data and change the payment method. Depending on the status of the order, it is possible that the relevant option is not available.

Reschedule Order
If your location is overwhelmed with orders or an order has been wrongly sent to you, e.g. through a delivery portal, that was meant for another location, you can reschedule the order by clicking on this button. Please note that the items must be available in the other store, otherwise they cannot be transferred. Under Accounting you will find an evaluation of all orders which you have rescheduled and transferred to you or by you.

Order Details
Here you have all the details of your order at a glance.

Edit Order
As long as the order has not been delivered by the driver, you can edit the order again using this option. The previous invoice is canceled and a new one is created. Please note that orders that have been paid online or come from delivery portals cannot be processed.

Cancel Order
To cancel an order, click here and provide a reason for cancellation. You can find an overview of all cancellations in your admin section under Cancellations.

Print Order
If you need to print out an order again, there are several options to choose from. Among other things, it is also possible to have an A4 invoice printed.

Information on Payment Method

Information on Order Type

Click for information on delivery times

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