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Recipes saved in the system are the basis for the use of inventory management. The composition is similar to the preparation of the product. In recipes, you group the raw ingredients in the appropriate quantities and then apply them to the sales product. Recipes can contain both recipes and raw ingredients. That means they can integrate a recipe into another recipe.
To add a new recipe click on “Add recipe”. Enter a name for the recipe. If you would like, you can also add a note. Then, click on “Save and continue editing” to be able to assign raw ingredients or recipes to the recipe.

If you have already entered raw ingredients or recipes, you can now apply them to the recipe. Simply look for the raw ingredient using the search function. You can search by item number or by item name. Specify the proportional quantity in which the raw ingredient is to be stored. The system then automatically displays the unit and quantity you entered for the raw ingredient. In the “Waste” field you can state how much of this raw ingredient is wasted during the preparation. If you select the “removable” option, you and your customers can choose to remove the ingredient from the recipe either at the checkout or in the online shop. The option “Reduced price” lowers the sales price by the price of the raw material if it is removed.

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