Products on the Portal

Products on the Portal

Products on the Portal
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Products on the portal refers to the items transmitted by the delivery portals (lieferheld, lieferando und provided the interface is set up. These products on the portal must be matched with the products maintained in Simply Delivery. This allows orders from these portals to be processed directly (i.e. as with a normal order, a kitchen receipt and an invoice are printed at the same time), without you having to take the order again and transfer it into the system.
Use the menu on the left side and move your mouse over the icon for “Item”. The submenu opens and we select “Portal products” from the list.
Now, the Overview of the portal products opens. At the upper center part of the screen, there is a dropdown menu with which you can choose between the different connected portals that you want to synchronize.
As you can see, one or more full pages of red item names are already listed there. These now have to be matched in the next step.
By clicking on the well-known Edit button a new window will open. There you will find the following information:
Portal name: Name of the delivery portal (, lieferando, etc.)
Portal product name: The name of the product to be matched
Product requires no classification: if you activate this button, the button is not assigned to the articles in the system. This can have effects such as missing descriptions on the kitchen receipt or incorrect cash register entries, so we always recommend that you match/synchronize all of the items.
Item: This is the Simply Delivery item that is to be linked to the item from the portal. By entering the item number or by entering a part of the item name, a dropdown menu opens with a list of items that match your entry. As soon as you have selected an item, you will see the corresponding item number in this field.
Description: After selecting the item, the name of it will appear here.
Confirm your selection by clicking on the “Save” button. You return to the portal item view and your item disappears from the list of open items.
If you have made a typing error or would like to view all articles (including the matched ones) again, press the button for the switch to “Show all” found in the upper part of the window.
You may see the following description in the editing window:
There you can see the higher level portal product name and the portal product name. This is a Topping that has to be matched. That means you’re not matching the Pizza Chicken in Love, Normal, but rather the tuna.
If the list no longer contains a red item, you have processed all of them.

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