Product groups

Product groups

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The product groups are collections in which individual sales items, e.g. pasta, pizza, burgers are arranged – similar to a category.
The product groups are used in the POS and in the call center to bundle the input keys for the items you sell that belong to a particular product group. Each product group can be given its own color for better classification, but this will be explained in more detail later on. In the online shop and the app, the product groups are the main points for product navigation, as shown in the following figure.
If you use inventory management, you can also group the consumables, such as packaging, rags, and so on, in a product group for the sake of clarity. However, this should not be made visible in the shop or at the POS.
In the following example we will create the product group for a pizza. You will find the product groups in the left main menu under Items.
Once you have clicked on product group, the product group list opens. If you have not yet entered anything, you will not see anything.  Once the product group has been created, it may look like the example below.
The product group list is basically structured like any other list in our system. You will find the usual buttons for editing, viewing and activating / deactivating and deleting.
Depending on the settings you make when you create the product group, the system also displays the purchase order channels for which the product groups are to be visible. The system also displays the images that you have stored for the product group. They are also color-coded on the left side of the list. This serves, as already described above, as identification of the sales items of the respective product groups in the  call center and the POS display.
To create a new product group, we click on the green button in the upper left area,
which opens the input form.
First, you should give the new product group a name. For better identification, you can now assign the mentioned color and specify the sorting index (sequence of the product group in the online shop and the checkout) for the product group list.
Beneath this, you define where your product group is to be displayed. If your created product group is e.g. pizza (i.e. a sales product group), then this should become visible in your online shop, so the “yes” Display in the online shop, even the display in the  in the apps, at checkout and in the call center should remain on “yes” if you want the product group to be visible there.
You can also create product groups that are only used internally, for example, for sorting the items on the receipt without having them appear at the POS terminal.
By offering the customer login in the online shop and app, the following option can be used as an interesting marketing tool to encourage more customers to register. With the option “Display only to registered online shop users” you can create a product group which can only be viewed when the visitor is signed in. For example, you could place discounted products or products there that are not otherwise available from your online shop.
For users who are not logged in, you can enter an alternative text or an image in the field below to encourage them to log in.
At the end of the input form, you have the option of uploading an image for the product group. This can be used as a header image in the online shop or as a product group image in the app. The standard size for product group images is 2000 x 500px (72dpi)

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