Validity of items

Validity of items

Validity of items
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Specifying validity of items
If you have certain items that should only be valid or invalid during a certain period of time, you can configure this here. To specify the validity, you must enter the following details.
On which day should the item be valid/invalid?
When should the item be valid/invalid?
You can also add a note for employees working during the times in which the item is invalid.
Item is sold out
If one or more articles are sold out, you can label it as such by navigating to the option Item – Item in admin area. To do this, you must enter a date on which the item will be available again, as well as a reason. You can find all the validities that an article has via the grayed-out drop-down list.

Define number of articles
One-off preparations that have to be made in the administration.

1. create suppliers.

Create 2nd storage location.

3. activate raw materials for sales articles for which stock is to be counted and assign astorage location.

Article raw material storage location

4. assign suppliers.

Assign vendor

Create 5. inventory template. Make sure that all articles are stored.

6. check warehouse stock and bring all articles to a stock of 0 with an inventory. Make sure that the inventory is posted (cup button).

Within the store setting, activate the option “Automatically set article to sold out” in the sub-item “Warehouse and merchandise management”. All items are automatically set to sold out when they are no longer in stock.

Deposit the number in the morning

Log in to the cash register, go to the dashboard and scroll down.

Open storage log and check closing stock.

3. open another tab with Inventory and fill stock with the missing quantity.

Post 4th physical inventory.

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