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In addition to regular items, you can also create menus. To do this, select Menu in the 1st tab in addition to items for sale. The tab is no longer blocked and you are now able to create your menu.

For example, a menu can consist of 2 slots, i.e. a burger and a drink. This is done by clicking on “Save and continue editing“.
Now you can set up the different slots, i.e. menu groups.
In our example, we created a group for burgers.
Selection required: Here you can determine whether a selection within this menu group is mandatory or not. If you set the switch to “No”, the selection remains optional.
Fixed menu item: Only if the group contains a maximum of one item can this be selected. The saved item is then permanently anchored in the menu and no selection can be made.
Item price is a surcharge: As the name already implies, the price of the entered item is added to the menu price. If, for example, the menu price changes with the selection of the burger, you can check “yes” here.
Menu group items: Here you add the desired items to the menu group. This can be done using either the name or the item number.
Surcharge: If you would like to charge a regular surcharge for the menu group, you can specify this here. If, for example, it is possible to add an additional drink to a menu for a small surcharge, you could indicate this here.

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