Items import

Items import

Items import 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy
The article import is mainly intended for the initial import of articles.
(“Normal”) article import
Here the following points are to be considered:
1. The file must be a text or Excel file. The individual columns must be separated by commas.
2. If article names are imported in other languages, the first different language will be used.
3. Deposit types and tax rates must be created in the system before.
4. The order of the columns must be as follows:
Item number, name, description, abbreviation, name in kitchen, type (VK, topping), discount, topping option, merchandise group, price, order, stores, item group,
item group abbreviation, item group sort, topping group, free topping group, name (English), description (English), deposit type, UK tax (sales tax).
5. If a column does not contain data, it must still be present (can then be left empty).
6. Always use “UTF-8 encoding” when importing Excel.
7. When importing prices for article price groups, the article price groups must be created beforehand.
Otlob article import
To import article lists from “Otlob”, please note the following:
ONLY “.csv” files that do not exceed 64Mb in size may be uploaded! Files larger than this must be compressed.
The resulting “.zip” file can be uploaded here.
Foodpanda Bulgaria article import
To import article lists from “Foodpanda Bulgaria”, please note the following:
ONLY Excel files may be uploaded!


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