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In the “Extras” tab you can configure different settings. For example, if sorting in alphabetical order is not good enough, you can specify a different type of sorting for the POS and online shop/app. Simply start with the number 1 and continue with 2 in the following item.
You can also enter a preparation time. This is later relevant for the printing of your receipt. Then you can choose sorting based on preparation time. The items are then printed on your receipt from the shortest preparation time to the longest preparation time.
For example, if you have created a beverage for which you must enter a base price, the next two fields are relevant for you.
In the text for the base price unit, for example, you can enter “per liter”. In the following input field, the multiplier for the base price is shown.
Both of these fields together give the base price.
To obtain results in the statistics for retail sales groups, you must assign the respective articles to the retail sales groups previously created.
In the last field you can specify a maximum number of units that can be sold.

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