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The standard setting for the creation of a new item is that it will be for sale. If you want to add a topping, ingredient or credit, you must remove the selection from the item for sale. Other options are then displayed. The other settings also vary depending on the selected item.
Item number: This is where the item number of a product is specified, it is not permitted to assign the same item number twice.
Item name: The name entered here appears both in the online shop and the app.
Description: The entered description appears both in the online shop and the app.
Abbreviation: The abbreviation entered is used in the POS system.
Kitchen name: The entered name will appear on all kitchen printouts.
Meta Title/Meta & SEO Description: Here alternative descriptions and keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) can be saved.
Your previously saved item tags can be optimally selected here for each item. The customer can also filter by item tags in the online shop.
Eligible for discount: relevant for redemption of coupons. All items that are not marked as eligible for discounts will not be considered when redeeming a coupon.
No topping options:
Packing list: If this option is selected for an item, a packing list containing all items that have this option activated is printed at the end of the receipt.
Toppings/recipe NOT modifiable by customer (shop/app): Item may not be modified by the customer (online shop/app). This applies to the toppings and recipes available for a particular item..
Editing allowed: If the customer decides at the end of their order that the items included in the order need to be edited, this is indicated on the printed receipt for eligible items which have this option activated.
No upselling: If the item is part of a menu, it is automatically suggested that the selected item can also be purchased in a menu when purchasing the individual item. If this is not requested, it can be switched off by activating the button.
Reminder for drivers: By activating the button, the drivers receive a message in the terminal at the start of the tour that the item must not be forgotten.
Highlighting on kitchen & invoice receipt: If a certain item is to be highlighted on the printed receipt because it is of particular importance, for example, this can be activated here for each item separately. Here you can choose between different options.
Automatically selected: Applies only to toppings. Here you can specify that a certain topping within a topping group should automatically be selected. Take pizza dough, for example. For example, the customer can choose between classic dough and gluten-free dough. In most cases, the standard is that the customer picks the classic dough. If the automatic selection option is activated, the classic dough is always selected and the customer only has to change the selection if he wants the gluten-free dough. This makes it easier for the customer to select the dough when ordering, if you offer several options.
Contains alcohol: Relevant for the sale of alcohol. In the cross-store settings, you can enter a message that is to appear whenever alcohol is sold, for example, a note that an ID card must be presented upon delivery. If you activate this option for the item, the message appears for the customer on your online shop.
Local sourcing: Allow decentralized purchasing of goods for this item, which means that even a partner without admin authorization can specify a supplier for their raw materials.
Update inventory: This option is particularly important if you are using inventory management. This button must be activated so that the stock is updated every time the item is sold.
Sales items
Credit balance
The length of the code for the credit balance, as well as a prefix, can be defined within the cross-store settings under “Other settings”. For this you need admin rights.
If a credit balance is available during checkout, an individual code is printed on the bill or kitchen receipt. This can be entered via the “Gift Certificate” field in the POS when redeeming.
If one or more articles are sold out, you can label it as such by navigating to the option Item – Item in the item administration area. To do this, you must enter a date on which the item will be available again, as well as a reason. The following video shows you how this is done.
In order to produce our pizza, we must first set up the ingredients for that item so that we know what is needed to make it. For that, navigate in the menu option Item and select the sub-option Item.
Here you choose the option “Add item“ in the upper left corner.

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