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You always use waste and promotion option whenever you have had to dispose of products, distribute them for promotional purposes or have consumed them yourself. You can post waste/promo either on the dashboard of the POS or by going to this page in the admin area.
To enter Waste/Promo in the administrator area, please click on the “Select Action” button in the upper left corner. Then choose between waste, promotion, own consumption or other.
In the next screen, enter the date, search for the product, enter the quantity and a comment and finally confirm by clicking Save. The product is then entered accordingly.

In the overview you have the option to filter by the store, to search for certain products and to set the time interval. If you have already posted something, the respective results are shown after the date has been set.
The first table lists the different values according to the different types. Below you have the detailed view – waste, promotional, own consumption. You can view when, what and by whom the entry was made. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can see the details of the entry.

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