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Suppliers are a key factor for the efficient use of inventory management. They are matched to the raw materials and can be selected when the goods are ordered.
To add a supplier, please click on “Add supplier”. First, enter the supplier’s name and details. Then, save the supplier and continue with the editing. In the Delivery and Payment Terms tab, you can define the default settings for the payment terms, cash discounts, etc. for the supplier. Beyond that you have the option to enter the daily delivery details. These will then be displayed when the goods are ordered. In the Contacts tab, you can specify the supplier’s contact information. Select the type of contact, enter the contact and click Save to enter it.
If you have more than one store, it is possible to store separate delivery and cash discount information. However, the standard settings must be created in the Delivery and Payment Terms tab. Select a store from the dropdown menu and enter the details. Click Save to complete.

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