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Store inventory

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You can use the store inventory to manage items that you lend to employees for a longer period, such as clothing or for a short period, such as EC equipment. The inventory can then be selected in the driver terminal, when logging in as an employee or in the “Inventory” tab for the employee. To do this, however, the correct settings must be made, which we will now explain.
The first step is to select the store for which you want to create the inventory, if applicable. Once the selection has been made, you can add the new inventory using the “Add inventory” button.


The next step takes you to the input screen. Now you can first decide whether the newly added inventory should be active or inactive.
You also name the inventory accordingly and, if you wish, give it an inventory number. If you want to assign an inventory number, you can only assign it to an employee once.
If you have not already made your selection in the previous input form, you can modify your store selection again here.
Can the inventory in the driver terminal be delegated? Here you can decide whether the inventory should appear for all employees in the driver terminal or whether you want to assign it to an individual employee using the employee administration. If “yes” is selected here, the item can only be assigned in the driver terminal or the employee logon in the cash register. If the button is set to “No”, the item can only be assigned to individual employees in the employee file under the tab “Inventory”.
The selection via the payment methods can, but does not have to, take place. This function is important, for example, when you create the “EC reader” inventory. This is only to be taken along by the driver as long as the payment is not made in cash. If a driver is delivering an order that is to be paid by card, a note appears in the driver terminal for the payment methods selected here that he needs the “EC reader” inventory for the checkout. To select several payment methods, hold down the Shift key and click on the desired payment methods. To select all payment methods, simply press the green button.
Once the inventory has been entered, you can view it again (magnifying glass icon), edit it (pen icon), deactivate it (lock icon), delete it (x), print a barcode for the inventory (print icon) or view it in the log of the use of the individual object (map icon).


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