Storage locations

Storage locations

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You can define your storage locations here to get an up-to-date overview of your inventory and to facilitate stocktaking.
First, you have to select the store, for which you want to create or edit storage locations. By default, the first store is selected from the store list. To change the store, go to the dropdown menu at the top and choose a different store.
Once you have selected the store, the window for managing your storage locations appears. It might look like this:

Of course, you are free to specify your own storage locations. If you want to add a new storage location, click on the green button “Add storage location” found in the upper area.
Next to it is also the box for selecting the store and  the search field which helps you to quickly find the storage location.
If you have pressed the green button, the input field for entering a new storage location is opened.

This is where you enter the name of your storage location (e.g. freezer) and you can also deactivate it if you are not using it. Once you have given the name and clicked on the green “save and continue editing”  button, an input field opens in which you can choose and assign the individual shelves and sub-shelving.
This allows you to customize your inventory management.
For example, if you have defined your freezer unit, which has different shelves, and then clicked on the “Save” button at the bottom left, the freezer unit will appear in the list of storage locations.
As always, you can view, edit, deactivate and delete your entries in the list. The familiar colored buttons can be used for this purpose.
To assign an item to a storage location, select a store from the item overview.
Then select a raw material and edit it. In the Storage tab you can select the storage location.

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