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Order suppliers

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You can use order supplies to place an order with your suppliers and then print and send it. In the overview you will find the button to place a new order in the upper bar (order form). In addition, there is also the option of exporting all raw materials as an Excel file. For example, you can create a paper list for the ordering of products. Otherwise you can easily order goods using a tablet.
For a new order click on the button “Order form”. In the next view, select the supplier, the time of order and the preferred delivery time. Depending on the selected order date and the settings you have made with the supplier, we calculate the delivery date. You can transfer this automatically into the field ” Preferred delivery time” by clicking on the button. If you would like, you can also add a note. If you do not want the items ordered to be included on the receipt, activate “Do not include receipt”.
By clicking on the Next button, the order is temporarily saved and the supplier’s goods are loaded. You can search for items in the product table and filter by storage location or product group.
You can also customize the table to fit your own needs. This way you can hide individual table columns by clicking on the “x”. You can also change the order of the articles by using the Drag and Drop function.
Now enter the quantity you want to order. For this, use the first or second delivery size. You enter this in the article configuration in the “Inventory” tab. The system then automatically calculates the base price. You can also modify it.
When you have completed your order, click on the Save button. You will find it at the end of the form. You will then be directed to the overview.
When you order, there are several options in the list.
You can view your order by clicking on the magnifying glass. The pen brings you back into the order processing mode. You can process an order until it has been placed. If you want to print the product order, click on the printing symbol. A PDF will then be generated. By clicking on the cup, the order is placed. It then disappears from the list and will now appear as incoming goods. Click on the “X” to delete the order.
You can also display previously placed purchase orders. To do this, select “only processed” instead of “open orders” in the dropdown menu found in the upper task bar.

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