Inventory 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

SimplyDelivery can help you keep track of your stock. If you have already taken physical inventory, a checklist appears with open count lists and posted physical inventory of stock. If no inventory is entered, the stock is not updated.


To create a new inventory, click on the button “Add inventory”. Specify when you want to carry out the physical inventory and enter a description.
In the next step you can choose between different options:
1. Counting with template: If you have created templates in Physical Inventory Templates, you can use them to carry out your physical inventory
2. Entering items individually: Search for the item and enter it.
3. Select the items you want to count from a list containing all items.

We select the option ” Count with template”. In the header line, you can switch between the different storage locations if you have already created them. Under it you can see all the items that you added to the physical inventory template. Enter either the pack size or the stock size. These are stored in the item management under “stock” for raw materials. If you would like to count additional items, please use the “Add new item” section beneath the count list. Enter the article name or item number and quantity in the search and click on the button with the green plus sign. The item is then added to the count list. Then click on the next storage site and enter the quantities. When you are done, click on the Finish button. This takes you back to the list and you can then enter the physical inventory. In the list you can view the inventory once again by clicking the button with the magnifying glass. You can post the inventory by clicking on the orange button with the cup or by clicking the button in the first column and then clicking on the orange button below the table.
The other inventory types follow a similar format and are self-explanatory.

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