Inventory templates

Inventory templates

Inventory templates 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

You can use the inventory templates to preconfigure your stocktaking. You can then call these up from the inventory . To create a new inventory template, click on the button “Add inventory template”. Then enter a name and, if you would like to, a description. Click on the button “save and continue”. You can then add storage locations . Using the “up or down arrow” buttons in the list, you can determine the position of the storage location for later counting.
By clicking on the button with the pen you will be taken to another view. Here you can determine which items are to be counted in the inventory. The items appear here because they were previously added to the storage location . To add an article, click on the button in the first column. In addition, you can choose the supplier if one has been assigned to the item. Click on “Save” and perform this step for each storage location in which you want to take inventory. To finish creating the inventory template, click on Save.

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