Incoming goods

Incoming goods

Incoming goods
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With SimplyDelivery you can easily manage your incoming goods. This is done by clicking on the ” Receiving goods ” button at the top left. Enter the date of the bill of lading, the number of the bill of lading and, if required, your own record number.

Finally, please select the supplier from the dropdown list and click on the “Select” button. You now have the option of selecting a product order that you have placed with the supplier from the dropdown list or you can enter the items manually. If you select a purchase order by clicking on “Add order”, all items from this order will be automatically loaded and you can start entering them. Please enter either the item number or the name of the product under ” New entry “.
Once a supplier’s purchase order has been dispatched, the items appear in the quantity you specified when ordering the goods. You can correct the quantities and add further articles under “New entry”. When you have finished entering the data, click the “Save and close entry” button.
The list of incoming goods appears. The incoming goods are not included in the inventory until they have been entered. To place your order, click on the button with the cup. With the magnifying glass you can view the incoming goods again, click on the pen to edit them or delete the order by clicking on the button with the “x”.

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