Happy Hour

Happy Hour

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In many cases there is a special lunch offer for delivery services, where, for example, you can get a pizza at a special price. You can set up a Happy Hour for this. You should define a price bracket in advance, which can be used to specify the noon prices for the item .
Once this is done, enter the name for the happy hour and select the price bracket you have set up. You can then also define the sales channels for which the happy hour is to be applied and the stores in which it is to be activated.
Happy hour can only be applied to product groups, not to individual items. If an item is not supposed to be included in the happy hour promotion, simply do not enter a special price in the price bracket here, but instead keep it at the standard price.
The last step is to set the days of the week and time on which the happy hour is to be active. This applies to public holidays as well, if they are on the same day of the week as the happy hour. If you do not want happy hour to be activated on a public holiday, you must deactivate it for that day.

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