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NOTE: Before creating the coupons, you should make sure that all items have been marked as eligible for the discount. If this option is not activated in the master data of the items, the corresponding items are not eligible for discounts. Items that are not to be eligible for discounts do not have to be activated for this.
Here you have the ability to create discount coupons for your store. You can choose from a variety of discounts: from simple percentage and Euro discounts to special offers such as “free drink of your choice”, a wide variety of coupons can be created here.
Active yes/no: The coupons are activated or deactivated here. If a new coupon is created, it is active by default.
Name: The coupon name entered here appears on all prints and should thus be kept short.
Description: The description provided is for internal use only. If a coupon is only created for a particular store, for example, this can be added to the description and provides a better overview when searching for specific coupons.
Type of Coupon: You can choose between six different types of coupons.
1. Percent off the invoice total: You can specify a percentage discount that is applied to the entire bill.
2. Fixed discount: Here you can specify a fixed amount that will be deducted from the total amount of the bill.
3. Free Item: If you want to give a customer a free item after their order reaches a certain value, you can do this here. If not already available, create the respective item in the master data and then select it from here. The price of the item stored in the master data is removed when the coupon is used, which makes it free of charge for the customer. Any toppings or other extras will not be covered and will be charged separately.
4. Promotional pricing: If you are running a sale where customers can order an item at a special price, you can select that particular item here, much like in step 3, and then specify the new promotional price. Any toppings or other extras will not be covered and will be charged separately.
5. Discounted items: The item in which you want to apply the discount to can be selected and a percentage discount specified. Any toppings or other extras will not be covered and will be charged separately.
6. Item with a fixed discount: Here you can also select the desired item and then specify a fixed discount to apply to it. Any toppings or other extras that can be ordered for that item are not included and may be charged separately.
Allowed for CRM (complaint discount coupons):
Here you have the choice between 3 options. With CRM coupons, the coupon codes cannot be defined, but are generated for each customer individually and only when they are created in the customer account.
No, normal coupon: If you select this option, the created coupon is NOT a CRM, but a normal coupon. This cannot be added to the customer account. The coupon code can be standardized and redeemed equally by all customers.
Yes, with customer retention: If this setting is selected, the generated coupon is a CRM coupon. The customer must ALWAYS be signed in when redeeming, otherwise the coupon cannot be used.
Yes, without customer retention: If this setting is selected, the created coupon is a CRM coupon. The customer does not need to be logged in when redeeming the coupon.
Once the coupons have been created, they can be deposited directly in the administration or checkout in the customer’s account and, if saved for the customer, sent by e-mail.
Can be used as often as one likes: if this option is activated, the customer can redeem this coupon with each order.
One use per customer: If this option is activated, the customer must be selected and be signed in to the online shop to be able to redeem this coupon. The registration is necessary to establish customer loyalty and thus to document exactly whether or not the coupon has already been redeemed by the customer.
VIP Coupon: VIP coupons are particularly relevant for commercial customers who regularly receive a discount with every order. You can create a VIP coupon for this purpose. To do this, you have to use the above option “allowed for CRM” and select no, normal coupon. You can then activate this option. Next, you have to specify the time period for which the coupon should be valid after activation. In this case, activation means that the customer must enter the coupon code in his customer account in the online shop and thus activate it so that customer loyalty can also be established so that the coupon cannot be redeemed by other customers. You should inform the customer that they must make sure that they log in with the same account for each order and only place their order once they have done so.
Validity: In the following field you can enter the appropriate parameters for the validity of the coupon. Here you can, for example, define a new minimum order value or define a time period in which the coupon is valid. You also have a choice of which order incoming and outgoing channels or on which days the coupon should be redeemable.
Hide in Lists: If activated, the coupon is not displayed at the POS. In this case, it can only be redeemed using its code.
Can also be combined with all other coupons: By default, this coupon can be combined with all other coupons. If you do not want this, you can deactivate it here and, if needed, add combinations that you want to allow.
Automatic coupon: If this option is activated, the coupon is automatically added to the shopping cart of all customers for each order they place. For example, a pickup discount could be specified here that is only valid if the order it is to be used with has this as the chosen outgoing channel. If the customer places an order in the online shop for pickup, the coupon is automatically added to the shopping cart.


Use voucher link for online marketing

You can have a voucher thrown directly into the shopping cart via a link. This can be particularly interesting and effective with newsletters, banners etc.. In order to accomplish this, the URL must be stored in the cross-store settings in the tab “Other settings” in the area Webshop and App at URL for redeem coupon code (Webshop).

Once you have done this, create a voucher. If you have saved it, then go back into the voucher and click on the button “Copy Webshop URL”. You have the coupon code then in the clipboard and can copy this e.g. into a Word document.

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