Employee file

Employee file

Employee file 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Within the employee file we have various areas which will be explained to you in detail here.
Basic data
Within the basic data, you define the first and last name of the employee that is to be displayed everywhere in the system. You can also enter a staff number. If you leave this field empty, the number is automatically assigned. Please make sure that the number has at least 3 digits in order to avoid errors when using a scanner.
Employee password
This password is relevant if you have locked areas in the system using employee permissions and you want to allow a specific employee to access this area again.
User account
In contrast to an employee password, a user account allows the employee to log in to the system independently. The employee can be assigned a user group with the necessary user privileges. Shift managers, for example, generally have their own user account.
Personal information form
The personal information form contains all relevant employee data. These are either filled out during the import using the import template or it can be entered manually here. This allows you to centrally manage information about your employees.
If no salary is entered for the employee roles, an employee is to receive a different salary or different earnings are to be defined for different roles, you can specify this here. Please note that the wages entered here only apply to specific employees. If you want to store a standard salary for a role, you can specify this amount within the employee roles.
If you have already entered employee documents or qualifications, you can specify here whether and when the employee submitted or successfully submitted them.
Within the store inventory, you have the option of making them assignable for employees. Here they can then see what inventory the employee has and which must be returned in the event that their employment relationship is terminated.

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