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Employees are added under “Employees” in the administration. Once you are in this section of the menu, click on the button “Add employee” in the upper bar. This opens the input screen for adding employees.
The employee later uses the personnel number to log in to the driver terminal. The time recording also takes place using the login. You can freely assign the employee number. If you do not enter anything, the system assigns a number automatically.

Enter the first name and last name (this will appear later in payroll) and activate the store in which the employee is to work. You must also assign a role to that person. If an employee has several roles, you can also select more than one. Press the “CTRL” key on your keyboard and select the desired jobs from the list.

In any event, you should set up a separate access for logging on to the POS and should not use your own. For this, add an employee as described above. Then click on Save. The employee then appears in the overview. Now click on the button with the pen to return to the editing mode of the employee. There is now an additional button “Password & Authorizations”.
Click on that. That will open up a new window. Provide the employee with a password. Please ensure that the password meets the following criteria:
minimum of 8 letters
1x capital letter
1x special character (!, $, %, &)
1x number
Then select the user group on the  right. The user group determines what the employee is allowed to access later on. Now click on Save. The employee can now login to the POS system. To do this, they use the password that you have just assigned and the user name that was assigned by the system.

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