Employee roles

Employee roles

Employee roles 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Before you can add employees, the employee roles must first be defined. The employee roles shown here are the most common. However, you can create as many roles as you like.
When you create an employee role, you first specify a title for it. You can then determine whether the employee who is logged on is to be listed in the dashboard statistics as a driver or internal sales representative. You also assign a user group to the employee roles to determine which areas they are authorized to access. Typically, all employees are assigned to the same user group. Finally, you can specify whether the employees in this role also work as drivers.
In the other tabs, you can also specify the earnings that all employees should receive when they are logged in to this role. For exceptions, you can also assign a separate income to an employee, which overrides any other wages specified here. You can also enter the qualifications and documents that each employee must have in order to be employed in this role.

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