SOTA 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy

Before the installation the SOTA has to be activated in the global store settings. This can only be done through an admin or is already done by SimplyDelivery.

The phone number display supports CAPI, TAPI and Fritzbox.

  • CAPI (ISDN). This requires an ISDN card in the PC and a driver for the respective telephone system to be installed. Different drivers have to be installed for each system.
  • Fritz Box: In order to do this, the telephone connection (an internet connection will not suffice) must be configured/connected to the Fritz Box.

Depending on which port is available, the corresponding setting must be activated in SOTA. The system automatically hides interfaces that do not exist (CAPI or TAPI).
TAPI Settings
You must select the previously installed TAPI driver. The TAPI is configured in Windows under Control Panel/Phone and Modem.

Web server must be enabled here. If the Clipboard is activated, the phone number is also copied to the clipboard when an incoming call is received. The server port and only local communication are settings that are irrelevant for the web application.
Sometimes incoming calls have a prefix, e.g. +49.  The incoming call number can be changed by using the list. The changed phone number is then transferred to the application.
#103378123456789 becomes 03378123456789
00493378123456789 becomes 03378123456789

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