SOCP 150 150 SimplyDelivery Academy
Please make sure that all printers and drivers are properly installed and ready for use. Our software is installed as described in the following section.


Once the software is installed and launched, you will find your personal ID and an overview of the available printers in the first tab. Now select the printer to be used for printing the receipts. In our example, it was the EPSON TM-T88V Receipt.
In the Settings tab it is also necessary to check the following boxes:

  • Integrated Printing
  • Using PrinterProxy


Now, the printer setup has to be completed in our system. To do this, login to the Admin area. There you will find under the menu option Hardware the subsection Printer.
This takes you to an overview where you can later manage the printers you have added. You will also find the field “Add printer” in the upper area. Click on it to access the input menu for setting up your printer.

The first step is to download the “SOCP CloudPrinting“ software. This can be found on your Dashboard under Help and User Manual. When installing, make sure that the “Start program automatically” option is activated.

Fields that need to be filled in:
Store: Make a selection here, if you manage several stores
Register/Counter: Make a selection here for which registers the printer is to be set up for. When choosing more than one, hold down the CTRL key while making your selection.


The following information is both store and user specific and is different for each printer and user. If a new printer is installed, it also receives a new name and new ID, which must be entered into the system.
SOCP ID: Here you enter the Store ID, which is displayed in the first tab in the SOCP program. (“copy ID”)
SOCP Name: Here you enter the printer name which is displayed in the first tab in the SOCP program. (“copy printer name”)
The next two fields include the settings for which order channels are taken into account when printing and which receipts are to be printed via the printer.
Again, you must configure the appropriate settings and select the correct print templates.


On the right side you will find the settings for the product groups. This is where you can choose which product groups are to be included when printing receipts. When no selection is made here, all product groups are printed.

After you have entered all the information, you must save it. Afterwards you will be taken back to the initial overview for the printers. In addition to the usual buttons for managing printers, there is now another blue button that can be used to perform a test print. If a test page is printed after having clicked on the button, the printer was successfully setup.

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