SimplyDelivery can be used for all types of companies. Whether you run a large restaurant chain with many tables and a delivery service, or own a small food truck or café, with SimplyDelivery you can be sure that all aspects of your business are covered.

GoBD describes the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access. Detailed information on GoBD can be downloaded directly from the Federal Ministry of Finance.

All portal orders run into the central SimplyDelivery ordering system. If you have several branches, the orders to the correct branch are added to the usual order process. There is no additional effort.

We cannot guarantee the stability of your internet provider, but we can offer alternative solutions in case of emergency. Nowadays almost every smartphone can be used as a mobile hotspot. In case of a DSL failure, a mobile internet connection is completely sufficient to continue the daily business at the same speed.

You can create all your articles in an Excel spreadsheet using our template and upload them as CSV. All goods and article groups are automatically created when the articles are created.

The SimplyDelivery software is always retrieved from the Internet, so you can run your business with a variety of Internet-capable devices. For example, the counter can be a laptop or desktop PC, while the mobile checkout runs on Android smartphones. If one of them fails or the battery runs out, you can replace it in seconds. Our recommendations and minimum hardware requirements can be found here.

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If the customer export from your old POS system contains the last name and first name in one column, then these must be split into different columns for SimplyDelivery. To do this, open your customer export in Excel. Here you will find the “Text in columns” function in the Data tab. To prevent other rows from being overwritten, you should first insert three empty columns. Mark the column in which the name is written and then click on the button “Text in columns”. Excel will then guide you through a dialog where you have to make the appropriate settings to split the column.

Here you will find detailed instructions: https://goo.gl/hsahwB

If you have split the rows, it may be necessary to merge the split columns again, for example, if you have double names. We do this using a formula. Insert a column before the columns you want to merge. In our example we have three columns. Then insert the following formula in your newly created column: =C1&” “&D1&” “&E1. C1 stands for column C line 1. You should now see the merged name. Drag the small green box of the column down to copy the formula to the other lines. When you are finished, copy the column and open a new table. Paste the copied content under “Edit” – “Paste content” and select “Values” in the options. Now you have your compound name.

For further information see: https://goo.gl/KGwUEo

  1. Right click on the selected lines you want to edit. Then select “Format cells” or Format.
  2. Activate the “Numbers” tab in the dialogue box that opens or directly select “User-defined” in the overview.
  3. Then enter the following format in the “Type” field in the “Custom” category:0######################
  4. Close the dialog window with the OK button.You can find further information here: https://goo.gl/iC7CxJ

How to create a cash balance you will find here.

During operation

Printer/Phone number recognition (SOTA)

Have you already checked the following points?

  • Have you switched the computer off and on again?
  • Is the printer switched on?
  • Are all cables connected?
  • Is there paper in the printer?
  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Has the print program (SOCP) been started?
  • Is the correct printer identification (Store ID/Name of the printer) stored in the system?
  • Does the name of your printer contain an umlaut?
  • Do the print jobs arrive in the print program log (SOCP)?
  • Is there a print in the queue and is it not printed?
  • Have you finished the print program and restarted it?
  • Does the printer print the Windows test page?
  • Is the printer printing the Simply test page?
  • new Message Queue System used? Select No
  • Error message “Directory could not be found” -> file path to the PDF has been changed, check and if necessary reinstall SOCP.
  • Error message Windows status “Access denied” -> Please change the Windows user to the Admin user to check the settings. This user can then also adjust the permissions of the other user in the “Security” section of Windows, so that this can be enabled if necessary. Afterwards please restart the computer.

Sind bei allen Artikeln Küchennamen vergeben?
Sind die richtigen Warengruppen dem Drucker zugeordnet?
Ist es eine Portalbestellung und sind die Artikel richtig gematcht?

In den Storeeinstellungen kann man die Zeit für den Vorabdruck einer Vorbestellung festlegen.

Es kann immer mal vorkommen, dass eine Rechnung nicht gedruckt wird. Diese können Sie zu jedem Zeitpunkt über den “Drucken” Button in der Bestellübersicht erneut drucken. Sollte das Problem längerfristig auftreten, empfiehlt es sich den Rechner neu zu starten. Oftmals verfällt der Rechner beim Herunterfahren nur in einen Ruhemodus und wird nicht richtig beendet. Nach einigen Tagen Laufzeit kann unser Programm die Druckaufträge dann nicht mehr abrufen. Die Laufzeit Ihres Rechners überprüfen Sie über den Task Manager im Reiter “Leistung”.

Ist das Telefonsymbol im unteren Bildschirmrand rot? Sollte es rot sein, bedeutet das das die Rufnummererkennung deaktiviert ist, einmal auf das Symbol klicken und das Symbol wird grün. Anschließend ist die SOTA wieder betriebsbereit. Sollte das Problem dennoch nicht gelöst sein, sollten Sie einen Neustart des SOTA Programms vornehmen. Falls Sie dennoch Hilfe benötigen, können Sie sich jederzeit an support@simplydelivery.de wenden.


As soon as you have made a cash balance, it is unfortunately no longer possible to change the data relevant for accounting purposes. If you have made a mistake, you would have to discuss the further procedure with your accountant or consultant and manually enter an adjustment entry in the cash book.

In principle, you can always catch up on the daily closing. We would like to point out that all bookings made so far fall into this cash balance. If you already have pre-orders in your system, you should make a note of them, cancel them and, if necessary, make new ones.
If you have forgotten to make the cash balance, we would recommend that you simply do this at the end of the day for both days and note that two days are combined here.

Your tax advisor can gladly use our DATEV interface. With a short info to support@simplydelivery.de we can create a user group for your tax advisor, which then provides all relevant data.
In advance, the corresponding client and consultant numbers as well as the G/L account number length must be set within the store settings. You will find this point within the store settings in the submenu item Cash book and cash balances.

Many small businesses do not transfer their turnover to the bank on a daily basis. Much more often the money should remain in the cash box and is collected once a week and brought to the bank. For this purpose, you can simply set the sum of the bank transfer to 0 in the cash closing process. Afterwards the turnover of the day is transferred to the previous balance and thus safely stored. However, if you plan to run errands with the sales of the previous day, it is recommended that you post the sales before the cash closing process via the cash journal as a private withdrawal from the cash register. On the following day, the money can then be booked again via the cash book and thus be used for the booking of expenses. If you have further questions about this, please contact either your tax advisor/accountant or write to support@simplydelivery.de .

Drivers Terminal/Employees

Registration/billing or assignment of tours does not work?

Here it is possible that the time of your PC does not match the current time. We call up the time of the server in our cash register system when you log in and out. If this is not identical with the time of your PC, our system does not allow tours, otherwise the time cannot be logged exactly and assigned to the employees.

Orders can also be released again in the driver terminal. To do this, the employee to whom the tour was previously assigned must log in. Then click on the Tour overview button and use the red X to release the tour again for all employees. If the employee has already been billed, he must be reactivated. You can do this in the administration within employee accounting. If the employee has been reactivated, proceed as described above.


Here you are missing the appropriate authorization. Within a franchise company, changes regarding the articles can only be made by the head office, since an admin authorization is required for this. If you wish to make changes in this regard, please contact us at support@simplydelivery.de.

Please make sure that all conditions of the voucher are fulfilled. This concerns for example the minimum order value, the period or the channel for which the voucher is released. Furthermore, please make sure that the desired articles and toppings are discountable and are activated for the respective store so that the voucher can be redeemed.

You can set an article to sold out within the article master data in the administration. To do this, go to the “Validity” tab in the master data and enter the date by which the item is expected to be sold out. If the date is reached, the article is automatically available again. If the article is available again at an earlier date than specified, you can delete the validity information in advance via the dashboard. You can also include a message for the customer as to when the item will be available again or why it cannot be delivered at the moment. You decide this yourself.


In the left menu area under customer list you can search for your customers. If you have found the corresponding customer, you can block it via “Edit” within the customer data. All future orders can then only be paid online by the customer in advance. A cash payment on delivery is no longer possible. The customer is marked red in the cash register and all employees receive a note when an order is placed.


In principle, you will always find the information in the corresponding article of the manual. Below is a short list, each in width x height:

Product group pictures: 2000 x 500px (72dpi)
App start image: 640 x 720 px (72dpi)
Favicon: 16 x 16px
Product image: 500 x 350px (72dpi)
Logo for receipt printing: min. 250 x 250px (72dpi), but can be larger, since the upload must be done by SimplyDelivery and can be scaled by us accordingly.

Orders/portal orders

You can change the period for pre-orders within the store settings. The corresponding field for this is “Number of days for pre-orders”.

If you have problems with the orders from the portals of Lieferando, Lieferheld or Pizza.de, please send a detailed description of the error and the corresponding invoice number to support@simplydelivery.de. If certain articles are not on the receipts, this may be due to the matching of the articles. You can find out how to match portal articles here.


Changes regarding the visibility of the payment methods or new payment methods can only be made by us. Most of the time the payment method is already available in the administration, but must still be activated by you for the store. You can do this within the store settings in the tab “Payment methods”.

All cancellations can be found in the admin area under the accounting menu tab. There you can select the desired store and the period for which you are looking for the reversal. You will not see deleted pre-orders in the order overview, for example, but only in this area, as they have not yet been assigned an invoice number and therefore do not appear in the list of bookings.


A missing authorization can be the reason here. Please send us information about this to support@simplydelivery.de. We need to know which area you clicked on and what exactly you wanted to do. We will then check the facts and contact you.

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